Awning Care and Cleaning

Awning Care and Cleaning
Is your awning looking dirty and dingy or needs TLC? Star Classic Awnings can help. We offer expert cleaning, sealing and repair of most fabrics. Residential and Commercial Awnings Serviced on-site.

Why clean your awning? Awnings are not maintenance free! Leaving dirt, bird droppings, mold and mildew on your fabric will shorten its life. Gentle cleaning by Star Classic Awnings trained professionals will prolong the life of your fabric. We can also apply sealers to extend the life of your awning and protect your investment.

Our cleaners are green and safe for all types of fabrics. Don’t allow someone to use just any old cleaner on your fabric as it can strip the oils and make the fabric easy to tear and rot. We use the right products to clean & seal your awning!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does your process get rid of mildew? In most cases, yes. It may not completely come out of canvas but will from most acrylic fabrics used today. It also might not come out from between sewn-in layers of material.

How long does the cleaning last? It depends on the environmental conditions where the fabric is used. If it’s under a tree or near a busy road it will attract dirt more quickly. We recommend cleaning every year or two.

Do you waterproof? We use the term water repellency, not waterproof. We apply protectors that contain water repellency after cleaning, as the application requires. The treatment should last at least one season.

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