Tips for Avoiding Pressure Washing Rip-offs & Disasters

Rip-Off #1: Unbelievably Low Price

We all want to get the best price and many contractors use unbelievably low price as bait to lure in a customer.  However, when something seems to good be true, as your parents warned you, it usually is.

As a professional pressure washing service, I know that these
“too good to be true” prices can only be achieved in one of two ways.

One way is in hidden costs — costs you only become aware of when the bill is presented.  They quote you one fee, and charge you “upgrade” fees to give you what you really want.  Uber-low-priced quotes often don’t include garages, for one quick example.

The most common way to deliver pressure washing services “on the cheap”
is the most dangerous:  Shortcuts.

Pressure Washing Shortcuts typically  include using ineffective chemicals, inferior equipment, and untrained help.

The risks of such shortcuts include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Untrained workers using too much pressure and damaging your home’s exterior;
  • Leaving the homeowner legally vulnerable as a result of no insurance or business license;
  • Using unsafe chemicals that can not only destroy that landscaping your wife loves, but also the exterior of  your home.

Bottom line:  Anyone can buy a pressure washer.  Not everyone should be pressure washing your home. Make sure you are paying for the level of quality you expect for your home.

Rip-Off #2: Lofty Claims

Lofty claims include promises to use “hot water or high pressure”.  These are claims that sound great, but the truth is that high temperatures and high pressure are rarely needed for residential jobs. And, they  can damage siding and vegetation!

As professionals, we rely on our cleaners to do the work,
using the right amount of pressure and using hot water when needed.

The result is your property is thoroughly clean and — of course — undamaged.

Rip-Off #3: Outdated Beliefs

Pressure washing contributes to many things important to you as a homeowner, including curb appeal.  But, there are some outdated beliefs guiding the sale of pressure washing services.  These beliefs are spread by pressure washers who aren’t committed to ongoing education and expertise.

Quick example:  “Make your deck look brand new.  Just pressure wash the deck and use an expensive sealer.”

Truth: It’s more complicated than that. The number one reason a sealer fails,  no matter how much it costs, is poor wood prep.   Therefore, you can use the most expensive sealer on the market and have it perform poorly for you.

We use the right cleaners – not bleach and brighteners, before applying commercial stain and sealers.
So, our sealers go on correctly and keep your deck looking great for the long haul.
Expertise matters.

Rip-Off #4: Offering to Wash Anything and Everything

A contractor should be selected based on the jobs they do WELL, not based on the jobs they could possibly do if a client’s willing to pay them.

At Star Pressure Washing, we specialize in cleaning houses and businesses —
and the concrete around them.
We don’t claim to clean equipment, vehicles and grease pits.

Would you hire a roofer who happens to own a small pressure washer bought from a big box store to clean your home? We hope not!

Misconceptions of the DIY Pressure Washer

It’s important for homeowners to be wise with their money, and a DIY approach can be one of the first things that comes to mind when trying to save a buck.

If you’re considering the DIY approach, I encourage you to call us first. Get a price, and weigh it against the following potential DIY risks:

  • Poor results, due to using weak bleach and no cleaner;
  • Fall risk, due to having to climb ladder;
  • Damaged surface and vegetation, due to using the wrong chemicals/cleaners or applying them incorrectly; and more.

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